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erressegi is a leading company in the field of supplying workwear to companies, and offers its customers the ability to customize their clothing making each garment unique.

Promo items

Promotional items are not limited to clothing, for example for corporate gifts we offer agendas, calendars, watches, pens, USB sticks, lynards, mouse pads, umbrellas, key rings, alarm clocks and home accessories.


Prints and embroidery on all garments are commonplace, but also signs or decorations on vehicles or shop windows, for exhibition stands or illuminated signs, or the creation of adhesive labels in pvc, polyester, aluminum, paper or prints and engravings on glass , metal, plexiglass or paper.

Tailor made manufacturing

We manufacture on request: jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts and t-shirts that can be customized in colors and sizes. We manufacture ties in silk or polyester, with or without logo. We can create beach towels by scratching the sponge in order to create the desired logo design on them.

Erressegi has been in the wholesale trade of work clothes, hunting-fishing, leisure clothing and underwear for more than 40 years.


Discover the latest news and offers ERREGGGI has to offer.

Chiusura Estiva – Summer break

Vi volevamo informare che il nostro ingrosso rimarrà chiuso dal 14/08 al 22/08 compresi. Vi auguriamo un'estate serena.   Un…

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The new Spring / Summer 2021 collections are available in our warehouse. You will find new collections by Sea Barrier,…

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SALE SALE SALE      It's sales time for us too Throughout January and February men's and women's jackets will…

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