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Customized clothing and promotional clothing, prints, embroidery, decorations on vehicles or showcases, for exhibition stands, customizable company gadgets.

Due to the increasing need to customize the neutral garments we offer, we have developed collaborations which allow us to have screen printing and embroidery on our neutral garments, thus satisfying the most varied needs to make unique garments after a careful work of customizing clothing and promotional clothing.

Prints and embroidery on all garments are commonplace, but also signs or decorations on vehicles or shop windows, for exhibition stands or illuminated signs, or the creation of adhesive labels in pvc, polyester, aluminum,paper or prints and engravings on glass , metal, plexiglass or paper.

We perform screen printing up to 10 colors, digital printing on any type of background color, hot application of four-color based labels or plasticized material shaped according to the shape of the logo.

We can perform embroidery on the fully stitched garments or we perform patches shaped to the customer’s liking which are then sewn onto the garment.

As of 2020 we also perform laser microembroidering with very low costs, with total detail precision.

All or quotes are fast and free of charge, contact us for all the information you need!

We are now also able to offer promo items, such as backpacks, bags, pens, agendas, watches, calendars, key chains and ideal gifts for festivities or for businesses, which are all customizable.

All customizations are done before delivery of the desired image. You can attach it when you have contacted us through our contact us page, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We offer the following types of printing and customizations:

Screen printing
Screen printing or silk-screen printing is a permanent type of printing technique that uses a polyester fabric as a matrix, stretched over a wooden or metal or plastic frame called a “screen printing frame”.
Suitable for customizing all types of fabric.

Hot printing (or stamping)
Hot stamping (also known as stamping) is a direct reel or plotter printing system, in which the transfer of the contrasting element is obtained with the combined effect of pressure and heat.
Suitable for customizing all types of fabric.

Digital print
Digital printing is a printing system used for replicating digital images on fabrics such as cloth.
We recommend it for customizations on 100% cotton garments or in garments with small percentages of Polyester on colored or white garments.

Suitable for all customizing all types of fabric.

Pad printing
Pad printing or is an indirect printing process, which allows to replicate, in a simple way and with high fidelity and detail, drawings, writings and decorations both on flat surfaces and on concave ones, in any case irregular surfaces. To put it simply it could be described as a system that allows you to transfer 2D images and art onto 3D objects and surfaces.
We recommend it for customizing Gadgets

Laser printing
Laser printing is a printing technique that derives directly from xerography and allows for remarkable printing speed.
We recommend it for customizing Gadgets.

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