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Customizable promotional gadget and items for companies and sports companies, wholesale t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleece sweatshirts, football suits, basketball suits, volleyball suits and corporate gifts.

For companies and sports clubs and in any case to all those realities that need to dress with neutral garments to be made unique after careful personalization work.

We start from classic items such as t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleece sweatshirts, through all could be used in work items, we also include more technical garments such as football, basketball or volleyball suits that we buy from importers at very low prices or that we have have manufactured in Italian laboratories.

The promotional items are not limited to clothing, for example for corporate gifts we offer diaries, calendars, watches, pens, USB sticks, lynards, mouse pads, umbrellas, key rings, alarm clocks and home accessories.

Obviously, these products are also made unique by logoing them with laser engravings or pad printing.

For sports clubs we also have technical items such as jackets, training or representation suits, bags, balls, ice in spray and in bags, tools for training and for setting up the playing field, ending with the production of pennants and scarves in both HD and sublimatic.

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