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Chi siamo, Erressegi da più di quarant'anni

Erressegi S.r.l. was founded in November 1973, starting its wholesale business of working clothes, hunting-fishing, leisure clothing and underwear.

Thanks to the commitment of the Santini brothers,Erressegi s.p.a. managed to transform into a leading company in a few years in the field of supplying workwear to companies, providing not only an excellent finished product, but also the chance of modifying and customizing the garment with objects and prints that make the garment unique and the most suitable to the needs of customers.

At the same time, Erressegi s.r.l. expanded nationally and internationally with regards to the sale of leisure clothing, hunting, fishing and underwear, with customers not only in Italy and Europe but also in countries such as Argentina, Russia , the USA and Japan.

Furthermore, since the spring of 2000, it has become a direct importer of some clothing articles such as polo shirts, t-shirts and hunting-fishing clothing, thus offering.

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