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Since the beginning of our activity of wholesale of sportswear, promotional and workwear clothing, we have found ourselves facing particular requests, from modeling, to customized colors, to the most disparate fabrics, this need has led us to work with specialized Italian laboratories, each of which is specific for every textile sector.

We manufacture on request, jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts and t-shirts, customizable in colors and sizes, with the availability of inserting details such as striped details, or buttons and clips.

We manufacture silk or polyester ties, that can be customized with a logo, be it a single time or repeated throughout the whole tie.

We can create customized beach towels by scratching the sponge in order to create the desired logo design on them.

We make socks in sponge or acrylic fibers with the logo of sports clubs, all at very competitive prices, or we create work clothes, such as overalls, kitchen aprons, trousers, vests, hospital garments with an incredible variety of fabrics, to be able to offer both summer and winter clothing.

Finally, for large companies or for those who need medium / large productions we have opened a direct channel with Bangladesh and with a minimum of about 1000/1500 garments per model, we can produce quality garments with customizable packaging, with very low costs.

We will also provide a sample while we wait for our customer’s approval.

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