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Unexpected Presents Are The Most Liked

Unexpected presents are the most liked

Christmas is approaching, Panettone and Pandoro commercials begin on television, “Trading places” and “Home alone” are there on the corner ready to accompany us for the entire period.


Every year comes the big question: What gifts should i make for Christmas? If you have a company or are a member of its staff, we have the right answer to this question that is being thought of from year to year.


Erressegi offers a large selection of promotional items useful for corporate gifts. We offer: diaries, calendars, watches, pens, USB sticks, home accessories and much more.


Obviously, these products are also made unique by logoing them with laser engravings or pad printing.


Don’t get caught unprepared !!


Contact us by email or visit our website, in the “Promotional items” section you will find our catalog with all the products available.


Stay tuned, a season of news is coming !!

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