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Many Think That A Shirt Is An Article Of Clothing. It’s Actually A Statement About Your Presentation.

Many think that a shirt is an article of clothing. It’s actually a statement about your presentation.

Making a good “first” impression is important. Many times our clothing defines us or “labels” us, how can we appear professional but always remain ourselves?


Jeans helped us to be elegant but sporty at the same time, but it was not always thanks to them that they had an excellent teammate. The shirt!!


Wearing it is like wearing black, it goes well with everything. Over jeans, Bermuda shorts or elegant trousers, with the right shirt you will always make a good impression.


Erressegi supplies a wide range of shirts of any type, with patterns, classic, jeans and stretch. It is supplied by the best shirts in our peninsula, available in all sizes, including large ones.


Contact us by email or you can come to our wholesale at the Centergross in Funo di Argelato and choose the garments that best suit your needs.


Stay tuned, a season of news is coming !!


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