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Art Plast Ric sanitary mattress covers with corners

Light sponge external side / PVC internal side to retain liquids


Single size 90×205 pack of 1 pc


size 165×205 pack of 1 pc

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Sanitary Mattress Covers with Corners in Bologna: Hygiene and Comfort for Healthcare Facilities

Discover our selection of healthcare mattress covers with corners in Bologna, ideal for improving hygiene and comfort in healthcare facilities, clinics and nursing homes. Made from high quality materials, our mattress protectors offer protection and durability to ensure a clean and safe environment.

Main features

  • Quality Materials: Made of waterproof and breathable materials, our mattress covers ensure effective protection against liquids, stains and contamination.
  • Functional Design: Equipped with elastic corners for easy installation and removal, ensure a secure and snug fit on the mattress.
  • Optimal Hygiene: They protect the mattress from wear and the penetration of bacteria, mites and allergens, promoting a safer and more hygienic environment.
  • Easy to Clean: Machine washable for easy and convenient care, these mattress protectors are designed to withstand frequent washing without losing effectiveness.
  • Various Sizes Available: Available in different sizes to adapt to different mattress sizes and the specific needs of healthcare facilities.

Ideal for every healthcare facility

  • Clinics and Hospitals: They guarantee a hygienic environment for patients and healthcare workers, protecting mattresses from pathogens.
  • Nursing homes and RSAs: They offer comfort and safety to guests, improving the quality of care provided.
  • Medical Clinics: Ideal for maintaining a clean and welcoming environment
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